About MSPUIYI (Siew Pui Yi)

About MSPUIYI (Siew Pui Yi)

About MSPUIYI (Siew Pui Yi) - Ms. Puiyi | Siew Pui Yi (born 1 August 1998), better known as Ms. Puiyi , is a Malaysian model , social media influencer ,actress , music producer , [4] DJ and former pornographic film actor . In 2019, Puiyi experienced a hacking incident that resulted in his nude photos being leaked without permission. As a result, she chose to create and monetize her own photos through the subscription platform OnlyFans .


Puiyi has more than 20.3 million Instagram followers, 1.4 million TikTok followers, and more than 70,300 YouTube subscribers.


Personal & family life 
Siew Pui Yi was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and raised with two sisters. At the age of 9, his family moved to Pulau Pinang. 


Puiyi attended SMK Datuk Onn for his secondary education and then enrolled at a college in Penang.In a self-produced documentary, he revealed that he decided to stop his college education after completing two years because he felt his creativity was stifled and he did not have enough room for personal growth in Penang.

Puiyi graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Troy University in 2021.


Puiyi is a disc jockey, online influencer, and entrepreneur. At a young age, Puiyi began participating in beauty competitions and also worked as a magazine model. She creates content on various social media platforms and has founded two beauty product lines, namely Kiseki Skincare and MSPUIYI Cosmetics. She released a personal photobook entitled " Be My Sugar " in 2019, investing her savings of around MYR 10,000 into its production. She began her career as a freelance model.At the age of 19, he signed three contracts with the artist management industry. In 2016, she was selected as one of the 100 Sexiest Women in Malaysia by a Malaysian magazine.

Ms. Puiyi started an OnlyFans account in 2019.In late 2019, Puiyi's laptop was hacked while it was being repaired, resulting in unauthorized access to his Google Drive account, including private photos and unreleased nude photos. Her fans alerted her to suspicious emails promoting the sale of these photos. After that, Puiyi had to pay a fee of MYR 18,000 to the hackers. In an attempt to meet them at a Shell gas station, three men wearing helmets smashed his car window, stole cash and fled the scene.

After the incident involving stolen photos, Puiyi shared his story on social media, explaining his temporary absence. His experience attracted attention online, making headlines and attracting the attention of netizens. The hackers again tried to extort MYR 50,000 from him, but he decided not to be controlled by others and chose to make money from his own photos.On December 3, 2022, he announced that he would be leaving the platform to become a DJ. After his sudden retirement, Puiyi was contacted by SWAG to sign a contract. He caught the attention of media publications such as Penthouse (magazine) and Hypebeast (company) . He made history as the first Southeast Asian to appear on the cover of Penthouse POM magazine in January 2022. He shares content and DJ clips on TikTok.

On January 2 2021, Puiyi launched a cosmetic product called Ms Puiyi Cosmetics. Ms Puiyi Cosmetics offers lip gloss, lip matte and other beauty products, with the flagship product being Matte Liquid Lipsticks. This lipstick is available in 9 colors: Player, Filthy, Skin, Risque, Cheeky, Passion, Fruity, Sugar, and Foreplay.In September 2021, she launched Kiseki Skincare, which consists of three products: cleanser, toner, and serum. She was featured on the cover of the January/February issue. On May 9, 2022, Puiyi released his debut single entitled Men-Mory,which hit one million streams on Spotify and 10 million views on Instagram Reels . He collaborated with award-winning Malaysian producer Goldfish for the song.He has hosted shows in various countries such as Malaysia , the United Kingdom , Myanmar , and Hong Kong .

In November 2022, he landed an acting role in the upcoming local film KL Love Story as a Disjoki. He also starred in the horror film Island (film) , which was released in March 2023.


In February 2023, Puiyi launched a scholarship program worth US$1 million (RM4.4 million) in collaboration with the Educapital Foundation to help underprivileged students complete their education. Each student is given US$1,000 (RM4,433) to pursue education in their chosen field.


Dressing sexy in London 
In May 2022, Puiyi wore revealing clothing during a visit to London's National Gallery and the British Museum . She posted photos on Instagram, including one in which she wore a see-through top without a bra and another in which she exposed her breasts.While some of her followers praised her content, others had mixed opinions regarding the suitability of her outfits for certain venues.

Outrage among Vietnamese over inappropriate use of traditional costumes 
In a photo shared on April 4, 2022, Puiyi sparked a wave of criticism because he was seen wearing a traditional Vietnamese costume, ao dai, without pants.Local netizens expressed their disapproval on Instagram, deeming her outfit "disrespectful" and "disrespectful."Two days later, Puiyi issued an apology on Facebook, expressing his regret in Vietnamese, English, and Mandarin.

Intimate video with influencer Titus Low 

On October 4, 2022, Puiyi shared a TikTok video showing what appeared to be intimate behavior with fellow influencer Titus Low. Both people claim that it was a collaboration. [9] Notably, Titus Low was engaged to Malaysian influencer Cheryl Chin at the time. Cheryl expressed her discomfort with the content by commenting on a now-deleted TikTok, stating, "I guess it's content but there are limits, right?". This sparked outrage among fans who deemed Titus Low's behavior inappropriate considering his relationship status. Titus Low apologized for his actions and assured that these actions would not be repeated in the future.

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